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Full texts of some of the extracts presented here may be found in web pages of the Digital Library.

Texts of some classics are available from the MIT Internet Classics Archive, from Ancient History Sourcebook, from Classics - Tufts.

Other texts are available by File Transfer Protocol from Project Gutenberg.

Evansville University provides translations at its site Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Multiple links to online text sources are to be found at the Online Books Page of the University of Pennsylvania.

English texts are available from the Electronic Text Center of the University of Virginia, from the Humanities Text Initiative, and from the Liberty Library.

Medieval texts are to be found at the Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies.

Political classics are to be found at the Liberty Library.

A discussion of secular humanism and its current relevance is contained at the web site of the American Humanist Association.

An extensive collection of short quotations from sacred and secular literature is found at One Little Angel

A wide variety of texts relating to love are to be found at the FC Love site